Whatsapp users would soon see status updates with this features


Facebook-owned Whatsapp updates its features from time to time to improve its user experience. Once again the company is going  to do same.

Most of the users share the events of their daily life is every day through therie Whatsapp status. Now,a new updates is coming soon. The green color ring now appears in the profile pictures of the contacts shown in the list of users, through which users can see the status directly. So far it can be viewed separately by going to status. However official information has not yet been provided by the company.

Chats can be transferred from iOS to Android :-  Whatsapp has recently announced its highly anticipated features that will allow users to easily transfar their iOS chats to Android. Until now if you switched from iPhone to Android phone you would have to resort to a thirdparty app to transfer chats There are many other glitches but now whatsapp is making it easier for its users.

Whatsapp announced this at the Samsung galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung users can easily transfar their iPhone chats there.It will initially be launched at the event along with a foldable phone from Samsung.The company said in a statement that if you want to change the mobile operating

System Whatsapp can securely transfar all chats including your voice notes. This features aims to make it easy for users to change chats within the operating system of their choice.

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