WhatsApp Upcoming Updates

Hi friends how are you friends in this article I’m going to tell you about the top five features coming out of WhatsApp.

1.whatsapp web New Update  

As you can see, WhatsApp Web can be used even without internet. Can we use WhatsApp on our mobile phone to our computer or laptop? So when we have internet on our mobile phone, WhatsApp works on us. Is a feature we can use but this is how we can use it 


2.desppering Messages New Update 

The desppering message is whether we are chatting or converging into any group.


If not now we can message 24 Hours Delete every two months for two months

3.Whatsapp Message Reaction 

Friends, the reaction feature to the message is the same as the one we have on Instagram. Now it’s coming to WhatsApp too. We can also send some emojis as a reaction to any feature that is so easy to message someone. You can see how in the photo below.

4.Whatsapp Photo privacy

Friends, if we can not put our photo as it goes in our contact with some people, we can put it in the status as well.

5. Voice Message 

If friends still do what we do then WhatsApp can only hear what we put when we send voice message to our friends when they send it to them.



Friends, the last thing we want to see is an update coming from WhatsApp, please comment on any update you like on this post as well as how I’re posting videos on the YouTube channel as well. Also see Okay boyfriends

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