Unleash the Power of WhatsApp Tricks”

Hi friends, in this article we are receiving audio calls from WhatsApp every day. Otherwise, there is no proper application for such audio recording WhatsApp tricks.

Today in this article we are going to talk about a good application in the Google Play Store

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CUB Acr is available in Google Play Store. If you install this application on your mobile phone, you can automatically record audio calls from WhatsApp.

Similarly, it is not any third party application. Similarly, this application has got very good reviews and good rating.

If we have such an application in our mobile phone, we can easily record the WhatsApp calls we receive every day. There are many tricks to record normal calls in our phone.

If not, the application cubeacr is very useful for us to record such WhatsApp calls. And if we want to install such an application in our mobile phone. Below I will provide you the download link, click on that link and you can download the application called cube on your mobile phone.

Whatsapp tricks

When the application is downloaded on your mobile phone, after opening it, you need to allow some permissions. Now we will accept all the permissions. Whenever an audio call is coming from the app running in the background, Audio Colony records it in HD quality in perfect quality. The audio call recorded in this way is a story in our file manager, which means it is stored in our phone’s internal storage. I think you have fully understood.

Conclusion :-
If you want to know more information or if you want to learn by watching a video instead of writing like this, then I will provide you a video link below, click on that video link and you can learn exactly how to turn on call recording.

Video Link :-

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