Whatsapp Latest Features 2022 | Whatsapp New Update Today


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  • Whatsapp Latest Features 2022 There are some amazing new tricks introduced in Sari but below I am going to tell you the full details of what they are.

Whatsapp Latest Features 2022

  • Whatsapp Latest Features 2022 Every day you have a new latest app in front of you in the same way that today our app is coming and many types of features are coming in WhatsApp which means that WhatsApp beta is downloading some types of features every day but because the number of people using WhatsApp is more in our India. Some types of features have been brought which would be good if more new features are brought, I am going to tell below the full details of what they are.

Whatsapp Latest Features 2022

Friends, are you putting status in WhatsApp? Many people are putting only photo or video in the status box, but before this, they used to put only 50 seconds or 30 seconds of status, but according to the offer, how many minutes of video can be put? However, they said that it can be put in the form of a status, and many people ask in many different ways, the only thing is that we are putting the status and they think it would be better to put the voice recording status, that is, they think that the words spoken with some movie heroes or famous people should be put in the status or even the audio songs. They think that it should be installed, but many people know that it is impossible, but according to the WhatsApp beta, they say that it is possible, but this app is still in the testing stage. It is ok to set Have you seen this friends, you can easily put any kind of audio status on your mobile after getting this upadte until. Ok, boy friends, I will be with you with one more upadte, until then, leave, boy friends.

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