What Is UPI Lite and How to Use It

What Is UPI Lite

Hello friends how are you friends today our article is about how to easily use phone pay light on your mobile.

What Is UPI Lite 

Friends have introduced this UPI LITE for small digital transactions. Generally, UPI PIN must be entered to make a payment, but if this UPI Lite feature is activated, you can transfer without entering any PIN with a single click. Day by day there are more and more UPI transactions. UPI payment is also used for small things. Whatever small item you want to buy, you enter the QR code and pay twice. For this, you have to enter the UPI PIN. National Payments Corporation has introduced the UPI Lite feature, which makes payment easier without having to enter the PIN. .

Friends, in this UPI Lite features, if you add as much amount as you want and easily, the entire amount will be useful for you to make transactions little by little. And the facility we have in this is that even if the bank server is compromised, your payment processing will not be interrupted.

With normal payment we have to go back to the days of processing but this is not the case when the payment reaches the other person within seconds.

What Is UPI Lite 

What Is UPI Lite

If you want to use these features then you need to update the Phone Pay application, if not then you should use the latest version first. Click on it and click on the UPI Lite option and deposit the amount you want to add. That means UPI Lite will be activated for you and you can easily do any number of scans without any interruptions.

Conclusion :- 

Friends, have you seen it, you can also try this easy and make UPI Lite Payments and secure your amount. Ok friends, if you like this article, share it with your friends and click on the video link below to watch the video.

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