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Hello hi friends how are you friends who are our article that if we touch the front notch camera of our mobile easily some settings will be opened Touch The Notch app. The trick to this is that if you want to know how, read this article completely, you will understand ‘Touch The Notch app

Many of my friends want to open some apps as soon as they touch the front camera of their mobile phones and want to take screenshots and also want to open many settings. It is very easy for you to set many settings and applications to open as soon as the mobile friend not cameraman touches it. I am going to tell you in detail what its application is and how to use it

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As soon as you click on download under friends you will go to the play store and install from there and the application is very safe because we have no third party by uploading it on the play store ‘Touch The Notch app.

The application of Friends is useful for us as soon as the front notch is just touched the flash light is on you can see the photos below
And here you single touch on that notch i.e. once you click that you can set your desired application there. And long touch on the same camera means you can put it in Donald Disturb if you press it for a long time ‘Touch The Notch app.

Touch The Notch

Similarly if you double click on that touch then you can listen to the music. A quick swipe to the right side will give you the flash light of the camera and you can set it to open the camera or you can set any setting and from there a swipe to the left side will open the phone book pod where you want to call someone and the cube.

If I want music in the application for media, or if I want to open camera or recent apps, if I want flash light, if I want to take a screenshot, if I want to power off, if I want long dress button, then this application will come. Application is what you need to set. When set click on it it will open how can i use the application

The application of good is after installation you click on and after opening it will ask you some permissions called Required Permissions. How do you do those permissions? What are they i.e. are you allowing your applications to be brought into this app or not and are you allowing your settings to be brought into it so if you want to allow all the permissions with one click that’s it friends after you give the permission in this way you have some tools there You should set it in such a way that if we click once, it should open and if we use it twice, another app should open.

If you set it up and save it, you can come back and click on that camera and you’ll find the tools there are very easy to use.

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends, so easily you can also download this application in your mobile phone and you can set any two if possible by Nach very easily.

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