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secret websites on google


How are you friends today in this article you are talking about the top 5 websites how you can use the app on your mobile as well as you can use the website without the app
 I say these 5 websites will definitely be useful for you ….. as well as how to use them for this and
 Alternative App Search
Friends use a variety of apps on your mobile, some of which you may not like as well as some of the settings may not be as good as that.  Is coming ..

Click Here 

 Movies Download Site 

Downloading a movie on mobile requires a variety of apps.  There are some apps like U torrent but they are slog.  Download. So you can download it without any app by clicking on the site below

Click Here 

Photo Compressor

Sometimes your photos will be captured in more MB when taken from the camera then your mobile storage will also be larger as well as the photo file size will not be sent then you can reduce your photo size using this website …. click here below  The story will be connected to the website by pressing on it

Click Here 

 Photo Format Changer
 Your photos are available in a variety of formats.
 Below that is the story. By clicking on the story, you will be connected to the website
 PDF Creator
 When we have more photos docuement photos we will save to PDFs. To do so you need to have an app called PDF Maker but you can create and edit pdf fast with the help of this website without any apps. This website has many features.  .
Below that is the story. By clicking on the story, you will be connected to the website
Friends I have also made a video on how you should use the websites mentioned above. You can learn more by watching that video. If you watch that video you will understand even better ….

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