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Hi guys gas today means that if we say something orally on our mobile phone without having to type any matter, it will automatically be typed in the language of our choice.

If you read the test book in Telugu without typing the letters in a text book, there will be an application.

 That’s right- this is not about how to take care of an English language. What happens is if you download a small application that is not enougho

How To Download Application:-

All you have to do is press the red color button below the friends but it will connect to the Play Store. You can download it from there.



How To Use:-

Open it after installing the application and it will continue after opening it will also come to you on the black screen after giving permission Blue color voice assistant will be moving on that black top Setting Language Prepare the Language to English Language Select any language you want All you have to do is select Telugu and you will be able to type in what you want to say orally so you will get English English so look at the message depending on the language in which you want to fly in any language and put it.

 As you can see below the photo below will come to you ….

 If you say it came automatically it will be copied as you always came and keep it in note but you can send it on whatsapp but you can easily make it like this so you do not know when the application will be gone so after we say it orally after copying it after we do it in google on google But there is an option to save in that option but we can do it easily.

In addition to what I said to Airticle I was also making videos on youtube channel but if you do not understand then I will definitely provide video link below if you click on that video you will play direct youtube channel video that video also about from start to end to see this app In that post I will tell you what to do, how to install the application, how to activate it, how it works, all these have been told to you and if you have any dobut you can leave a comment below ……


Video Link :- 

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