Slide Photo To HD Photo (P1)

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can capture slide photos or full head photos on our mobile very easily Slide Photo To HD Photo.

Friends, are you in your house or are you the elders who are near you? In their time, when there was no camera, we used to take many kinds of photos, that is, they used to set the photos in slides, but then they used to take the slides under the photo, but now there is no one who has tried to take them. Present photos are very easy for us to take through com and put in pen drive or directly on phone, but how do we get photos through slides. For those who are suffering like that, I am going to tell you about an application that can scan the slide with our mobile and make it look like a photo. What is it? Friends, you need an application for this. We can get that application in the play store. We can get any kind of slide photos but forget about our normal photo and have a higher quality. I am going to tell you below the full details of the application that can be enhanced and even if it is a black and white photo, we can change the quality of the photos.

Download Now :-

App Link

As soon as you click on the above red color button, the page will reload and from there you will see another download button, as soon as you click on it, you will get a timer for 15 seconds and from there an application link will open, it will go to the play store and ask you to install it from there. If you click on it, it will download. After downloading, I am going to tell you what to do below

How To Use :-

Open the friends application and you have to give some permission, then you will see how to manage the application. This application will show you a scanner. Immediately after clicking on it, you can put any slide under the mobile camp and click on scan. Your photo is a slide photo is a scan. They are a photo quality increase, they will come to you, there you will get the photo, you will see it in your gallery as soon as you save it, it will be shared in your gallery. This application, no matter what kind of black and white photo you put

Slide Photo To HD Photo

it will be changed to a color photo very easily, and once you take a photo of the slide Long press the main party and the photo will be scanned and the slide will be automatically cropped i.e. cutting the edges and the quality will be done. But the color grading is done and as soon as you click on the select button above all of them will be saved in your mobile phone so easily you can easily convert any side photo to quality HD photos.

Conclusion :-

Friends means you can also easily share your photos in your home, their photos from the side, your photos in high quality HD quality photos, color photos under your photos in a matter of seconds.

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