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Hello hi friends how are you our article giving friends is going to tell you in today’s article how to shop for 5 rupees


Friends do you all know that you do online shopping on Flipkart but in the application I say today you can easily shop for any item if you put five rupees in it. This application is available in the Play Store. It is very secure. After opening the application, you will be logged in with your mobile number. Some items and products are also visible to you. You can share the product of your choice with anyone or if you book those products you will have a lot of earning in it. Notification above to you once logged in This is what the interface looks like when you open the app when you make any new offer

Do you have any offers? You can book a product of your choice by clicking on any of the offers. You can give your address and get it for as little as five rupees. You can look in and book

Download link :- 

Put the red color on top of the friends and if you cut it out you will be connected to the Play Store where it will ask you to like it Click on Install and after downloading Open it and follow the steps I mentioned

Friends have seen how easy it is for you to download this application on your Android mobile phone and book great products at just a low price, which means that every second there is only one second offer and the mobile also comes to rupee for five seconds. Also without the hassle of having to check for asthma the app will send you a notification above that notification as soon as the application is opened there you will see the offer and most of the best brand company t-shirts in the application will come to us for 99 rupees or 49 rupees when you come Book immediately Bookmark the permalink.

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