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Hello friends how are you friends today our article is that our mobile gets locked as soon as someone takes it.

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If you click on the download button above, you will reload the page and there you will see another download button through which you will go to Playstare and from there the application will be installed. Below I am going to tell you the steps to be followed after installing the application.

Friends, usually we are chatting in many ways or we are playing games or doing something else on our mobile, but when we play some games on our mobile, call, talk or chat, someone in our house or outside anywhere steals our mobile and looks at us in such a time. . In order to stop such things, Apple iPhone has launched a feature that is similar to the Alexa feature, when using the iPhone, if someone comes and takes the phone, Siri will lock the phone, which means that our mobile will be locked immediately. Also in our mobile without saying it, if someone grabs it while we are using the mobile, immediately the screen will be locked. We have searched for many days and brought this application for you and for this you need to download an application. A closer look is enough.

If friends application is opened then you will ask for permission and then you will be asked to set lock if you click on it you will have value there, something called count value, there are many types of things, that is we can lock our mobile as soon as someone touches it with speed or fast lock when it is touched slowly. Apart from the fact that you can set it, you can easily keep your mobile phone secure

Friends, it’s so easy, you can also download this application on your mobile as I have shown, and you can easily download this application if you, your friends, but someone in your house or parents, but if you pick up your mobile, it will be locked, so you will be safe in your mobile. Even when it is locked and forgotten somewhere, the lock will fall if you take a tilt

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