Remove WhatsApp Channels

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can Remove WhatsApp Channels.

friends, the latest update in WhatsApp on our mobile phone is that we can easily follow heroes and heroines. from WhatsApp, what is that, an option called channel has been brought.

through which you can create groups in our WhatsApp, but we have not given the option yet.

through that chat channel option, no one can see our mobile number or anyone’s number.

it will be created under just group and it is very useful for our office or students, each other’s number will not be visible to each other, but if it is a group.

Remove WhatsApp Channels

We have not given the option to delete the channel, but for those who think that this chat option is not working and the channel is not working, we can remove it.

Download Whatsapp Messenger :-

Remove WhatsApp Channels

Friends, first of all you have to download the present and then you have to delete the WhatsApp which has the option of channel then click on the download link below and if you have to download that application i.e.

WhatsApp then I will tell you what to do and if you download and back it up you will get the channel option again. So I pretend to be a Remove WhatsApp Channels.

How To Use:

After you download from the above link, open the application easily by giving permissions, where you hit agree and enter your mobile number then enter the OTP.

Remove WhatsApp Channels

dont skip this option also backup on your data and after deleted whatsapp chats on backup also set then normal whatsapp.


So friends, so easy, you can also easily download this WhatsApp on your mobile and remove the channel option, ok, bye friends.

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