New 2021 Racing Games For 100 MB

2021 New Racing Games 100 MB 

New 2021 Racing Games For 100 MB

 Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is going to tell you the best games within just under 100 MB

Friends you all play games but the games you play have a lot of MB and you have your mobile hanging too but I can tell you today that with only 100 MB you can download and play the game but in these games you have a lot of adventures but These are just one of the newest games designed for you in 2021. I’m going to tell you about 5 games that you can easily download just by looking at those games and clicking on the red button below.

1. Top Speed & Fast Racing 3D

The first game to tell you the first game is Top Speed ​​Drag Fast Racing 3D. Racing between two cars is very good for you in this game.

This game is like an ashpault for you but it is only 100 MB in which you can double speed nitrogen. The version of this game is designed with 1. 38. 3 50 lakh people have downloaded and played this azim.

2. 32 Secs: Traffic Rider

The second game is 32second traffic rider 2 In this game you have to have a bike you have to race with Abike you have some levels that are one level after the second level there are levels next you don’t seem to have a man in it all this is a big city in which it is enough if we hit coins The game is very thrilling and you can control it with a steering wheel. This game was designed with version 2.1.0 in mind and has been downloaded by over 10 million people.

3. Mini Racing Adventures 

The third game is mini racing adventure in which you have to race with some cars You can also race with a bike Break and throw means move forward and brake and this game is designed for you to work with little kids. Version 1. 24 3 designed this azim for you with 10,000,000+ members downloading and playing this game

4. Dead Paradise Car Race Shooter

The fourth game is dead paradise car racing shooter. In this game you have a car and also bikes in which we get on the bike from behind when we go in the car and put bullets but this game was designed with version 1.7 and has 5000000+ installed members

5. Car Stunt Races: Mega Ramps

The fifth game is car stunt race mega ramps. This game has a car and sometimes millions of tubes and rangesand this game version is 3.0.7to game version to best game for playstore and best adventures game.

Just as easy as you friends, just click on the download link below to download the game you like in these five games that I mentioned and you will not be harmed on your mobile if you download the games I mentioned and download the game with only 100 MB Will be.

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