MX Player To Earn Money

 Hello Hi Friends How are you friends In my article I am going to tell you how to make money through MX Player that you use everyday.MX Player To Earn Money 

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Friends you use MX Player watching videos or new movies or video reels saying what is X Talk Tuck but in it you can easily play games and get Paytm Cash you can earn 20 rupees a day by playing games like this also add some points by that you have some Below I am going to tell you how to buy coupons

How To Earn :- 

Friends, after opening MX Player, you can click on the three options below: Games

Then open the game you like and increase the rank in full then you will get all the money by that rank says how long you should not play the game again for a while If you click on the money symbol above your mobile number i.e. Paytm number Says add you need to add means play the games you like and earn the amount

How to earn friends points means that if you click on the point symbol there and watch any video for a minute, you will get ten points if you watch the video online in MX Player and if you do it for ten minutes you will get 100 coins. Coupons can be obtained through those Coins

Intensity Easy You too can open your mom Xplayer and make money through it and follow through OK Byfriend see you in the next article

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