Mobile Charging Trick..! s6

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is very easy when we are charging our mobile the sound is very easy and that is also very easy you can put the sound you like.

You are charging your mobile many times every day, but if you charge like this, even if they are next to you, everyone will be shocked. What is the use of this, we forget to switch on the charging and then we think it will charge but it doesn’t, then if you use this app to charge your mobile, then we will know that it is definitely charging, why is there a sound alert…

Download Now :-

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Sound Effects

Friends, why is it that after uploading the above download, immediately you are redirected to another page, but if you wait for 15 seconds after that, the application will be downloaded.

Another important idea is that when we charge our mobile phone, if someone removes it from charging without our knowledge, a loud sound will be heard immediately.

How To Use :-

Friends, after you download this application, open it very easily, as soon as you open it, the application will open and it will ask you to voice it, click on it, put the sound you like, save it and save it. Also, close this application and from there, if you are charging, a voice will be heard, and if you are charging easily, you will get another sound, through which you can know very easily, and if someone tries to pick up your mobile, they will find you immediately. .

So friends, so easy, you can also download this mobile application and you will have a lot of security when you charge through it, through which you can know if you are, for many more interesting tricks like this, follow our website immediately and also to your friends.

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