Mobile Ads Problem Fix

Friends, are you getting more ads on your mobile?



🔹Friends, when you are looking at your mobile, the ads are annoying.
🔹 In this case, you just need to change the settings on your mobile.
🔹After doing the settings, you will never get ads..!
🔹First go to settings on your mobile.
🔹After going there, click on the Google option.
🔹Once you do that you will see your Google account.
🔹Also, it will say Ads under there, if you click on the option called Ads, you will get as shown below.👇👇
🔹Here, in the second option, you will have Opt Out Of Ads Personalization. This option should be turned off.
🔹 Just turn on this one option and you will never get ads on your mobile.
🔹If you still don’t understand, watch this video for clarity..!

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