Make Whatsapp Stickers With Dialogues

Hello friends you can chat with Strickers on your Whatsapp.Also you can Make Whatsapp Stickers With Dialogues

Make Whatsapp Stickers With Dialogues

♦️Friends like this you also need to add WhatsApp Stickers and send them, which means you need to download a small upload first.

♦️After downloading the app, open it, it will ask for some permissions, you must give them.
♦️After giving permissions you will have search option.Also there will be some movies dialogues
♦️There you need to click on the dialogues related to which hero you want
♦️Then the stickers you want are available.
♦️If you click on them, it will say Add To Whatsapp.

Make Whatsapp Stickers With Dialogues



♦️From there all the stickers you have downloaded and added will be added to your Whatsapp..
♦️From there you can use them while chatting.


Make Whatsapp Stickers With Dialogues

Friends, in this video, explain clearly how to add stickers. Watch the video, you will understand…

Video Link :- 


Application Download :- 
To download the application that I mentioned, if you press on the download button in red color, you will be directly connected to the Play Store. Then you can download it easily…..Make Whatsapp Stickers With Dialogues

Application Details :- 

1.App name     :- Sticker Raaja 
2.App Rating   :- 4.6
3.App users     :-100000 review.  :- 6.K Size       :- 6.6.Mb
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