Make Free Calls From Online

Call even if you don’t have balance Make Free Calls From Online



Friends, if there is no balance in your mobile, you can call other people with your phone


How To Use Application :-

♦️You have to download a small application about this.

♦️Also after downloading the application, if we open the application, it will open

♦️After opening the application, some permissions should be given there

♦️If permissions are given you will get a small advertisement

♦️After scripting advertisement we will see dial pad


♦️In Dialpad you have to give the number of whomever you want to call

♦️After giving their number, if they press Calling Equal, they will get a free call

♦️We need to have internet on while making the call

♦️After our call is finished talking, the advertisement comes after the call is cut

♦️Also if we see some advertisement some coins will be added then we can call for free

♦️With this small trick you can also make free calls on your mobile phone with this small application

Note :- 
1.You need to call for free which means you must have a smart phone2. Does not work in small phones

Download application :-

Make Free Calls From Online

To download the application that I have mentioned, if you press on the download button in red color, you will be directly connected to the Play Store. Then you can download it easily…..



App Info :- 

App Name         :  To talk 
App Size            :. 28MB
App Reating       :   3.8 
App reviews.      :   19000
App Downloads  :    1M
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