How to view website without ads | How to setup AdGuard DNS on Android

How to view website without ads

Hello hi friends how are you friends our article is about friends you go to some websites to download any photos or videos by google but while doing so you get ads in the middle and at that time you get annoyed you click another one to make another picture or the audio songs you want You can download audio songs or pictures at any time, when you open any website you will find that ads are playing horizontally, at such times you are going to say your little trick without ads you friends first open the settings and then click on the search button above and come to the option called private. The private DNS option appears. Clicking on it will give us three options. Type and as soon as you save it you will easily come to the home screen and open another website and after reloading you will easily see the ads playing without downloading the audio songs in it.

 Friends can see how easy it is to follow this little trick by setting the website or Google on your mobile without playing anything when you open it. No need to download any website or application for this trick OK Boyfriends see you in the next article

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