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Unlimited Data

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that no matter how much mobile data you use in your mobile you still have net let’s see how it is

Friends, usually each of you get 1.5 GB of internet in your mobile internet, but for many people, the amount of net is not enough because if you watch a YouTube video, it will be a lot of net and if you see the status, it will still be net, but when you use the net like that, you still have net. You can set the net to be disabled by showing that there is still net. How can you download a small application for this? What is it and how to download it? The application tells you and you can block the net to the application you don’t want

Download Link:- 

Friends click on the above link and if you install the application after doing it you will see loading ups and there all the applications related to the network in your mobile will be seen there and there you will connect to the settings to connect the mobile data then you will see the permissions of this application there After giving it, are there all the applications there? How to block the internet of the application you don’t want. How to do it? If you click on the internet symbol there, it will appear blocked. From then on, the application still doesn’t have the internet. How many ways can you try in that application? You can block applications that you think are not useful in the internet

Friends, you can easily download this internet block application on your mobile phone and then you can increase the internet speed there and set the internet to not be used regardless of how much you use it. Friends and below the video link has been given in the live proof that the internet has been blocked and shown how it is done click the video and watch ok boy friends see you in the next article

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