How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages in 2022 | How To Read Whatsapp Deleted Messages

 How To Read Whatsapp Deleted Messages 


Hello Hi friends how are you friends our article is going to tell you how to read a deleted message on whatsapp read this article in its entirety you will understand

Friend Many of you are deleting messages on WhatsApp but how do you see the other person’s message Today I am going to tell you a simple trick.

Friends, as soon as you open the settings, click on the option called Notification History. As soon as you do that, you will see Notification History. Click on that option where you will see an option Use Notification History. Even if someone deletes a message, you can go back to the settings and view the message from there.

Looks like friends, you can easily read deleted messages on your WhatsApp on your Android phone.


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