How To Pay Current Bill On Mobile Phone

Hello hi friends how are you friends who are our article is that we can pay electricity bill very easily through our mobile phone but from now you can’t because the new government we got is not possible to pay electricity bill through our mobile phone but how can we pay electricity I have brought an excellent application. We can pay the current bill very easily by going to the play store and how to do it.

We have to pay the current bill as a means of friends, which means there are many types, but till now we have to go to any office or digital services in any service and we go out there, take the amount of our current bill, take the charges and pay the current bill. But what you don’t know is that now if we grow up, through your technology, who doesn’t need to go out to pay the current bill in today’s time, a technology is known to everyone, who sits in their home without going out and pays the current bill easily through their mobile phone, that is, a He comes and reads the bill and the bill comes easily. If you can pay the bill, how do you do it? How is our Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm, and other digital online services? The current bill has to be paid. Through its amazing feature, many people have grown up to pay a current bill in many ways. Its Google Pay Phone Pay Paytm is very easy to register in such applications and automatically, as soon as we receive the bill payment, we will get a notification on it. If we do it easily, it will be completed but how will it be if we can pay the current bill now that the government has come to us? You have to go to digital service to pay electricity bill but other than that I bring you an amazing application where you can pay easily on your mobile phone. In today’s article, let’s do the full details of how to open application is where we get the play store

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Andhra Pradesh App:-

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Friends by clicking on the download link above you will be connected to another page but after 15 seconds the application will be opened which means you can install it easily from there by installing this application you will more steps in below.

Telangana App:-


How To Use :-

Friends, first you have to open the application, after opening it, it will ask you for permissions very easily. In many applications, it will ask for permissions. If you open any application, it will ask for permissions to enter our mobile phone. You have to give them like this. After giving the permission, the system has been given so that you can pay the bill very easily through your mobile phone, which means that we are getting many kinds of new applications every day due to the increasing technology. We can do easy bill payment and if it is an application we can see Ad Service Bill Payment Customer Care Concept Connect Paytm History Link Other My Usage Supply Position We are providing many types of services here if you want you can also login in the application so first You will see select service number click on it and enter your service number and you can easily add service in it. By doing this, the application will automatically open when you need to pay the bill payment, it will ask you to pay, if you click on it, the payment will be complete, and how are the services, first we will see the bill pain, if there is a current bill, then it is enough to choose this option to pay the bill. Care is after paying our bill

If there is any problem or not we can easily see it through its customer support and here we can see the conjunction that is whatever we do bill payment every month this bill payment is the average minimum maximum that is after we make any bill payment this is how much the bill has decreased in one month how much the bill has increased in one month How much a month has decreased as well as how many months the will payment has come will show us conformably and how many units we have used. And here the payment will be visible, through its payment history, when you made the bill payment, at what time and to which service number you paid the bill, how much amount you will pay the bill, you will be shown there completely, and if you want to link Aadhaar to the current bill, you will have to do something else. No need to go to digital service amazingly just click on the link based on this application and your aadhaar will be connected to that option automatically if current bill is linked and it will show my usage i.e. how many units we use in a month how much electricity Used we can see here fully and supply position means our current how much power we get where position is event we have a great option in this is how to see electricity at home means our home has current at home but through the current This is what we have been given here which means that we should take safety precautions when there is any kind of thunder and lightning. It is enough to give it and give your Aadhaar number and give your name. If you submit it, it will be automatically submitted. After giving it, your payment will be shown. The due date also shows you clearly when you have to make the bill payment within. By looking at it, you will be able to see your bill date very easily and you will also know when you have to pay your bill easily. You can make payment through them, only if you are in Hindi, if you do it through Paytm, it will be very safe and there will be no charges. In this, we have given a lot of features. You are also shown the graph below, which means in which month you used more current, which medicines you used less. Here we are showing you 12 months, that is, one year graph, but we are showing it here

Conclusion :-

Have you seen this friends, I have brought an amazing feature that you can easily pay your current bill through your mobile phone by downloading this application as I said. That is, the government that we have now, whatever the electricity bill is, we pay it online by using the phone, google paytm applications, without doing it, they are bringing them to us, they are just saying whose name I have paid the electricity bill offline, if there is another digital extension, they are saying that you have to go and pay, but in the application that I mentioned, you have to pay at your home. They can pay while they are there. For more such interest, follow our website and share an article with your friends, they will also know.

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