How To Hide Android Apps | How To Hide Apps On Iphone

How To Hide Android Apps | How To Hide Apps On Iphone And Android

Hello friends, how are you today? We are running a variety of apps on our mobile phones and we want to keep some of them unnoticed. You can see that the app you hide is unknown to your friends as well as what works on iPhone and Android mobiles … All you have to do is apply one app on your mobile and I will tell you how to do it so that you can understand if you follow the steps I have given.

Download App:-

If you press the red button below, you will be taken to the Google playstore where you will find a small app that you can download.

 How To  Use  Application :-
If you open the app after downloading it will ask for some permissions you need to turn it all on
You also need to change some settings in the app and if you have an account in that app then you will know how to use the app later.
You must first select the apps that you want to hide from anyone, then the selected app will show you all and then you will have to click Finish which means you have to keep a secret code to keep the apps that you want to hide open on your mobile phone. If you enter the code you entered in, it will automatically open the hidden app for you

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