How To Get More Storage On Android

How To Get More Storage On Android


How To Get More Storage On Android

Hello hi friends how are you

Friends Today Our topic is how to increase storage on an Android phone.

Friends, let’s see how we can increase and increase the storage on our mobile. When we buy a new mobile, it will always be the same.

The mobile phone you use will be 64GB. We have WhatsApp starting at 44MB which will go up to 3 GB as we use it.

In the same way Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Video editing on your mobile is reduced by kinemaster and YouTube and many other apps.

Friends you can increase your storage without any problem if you follow the tips I say

First, click on the app you use the most. However, if I click on WhatsApp, the app will say Info. It gives you a total of 3. 7GB apps at 68.mb and data at 3.08 gb. Catch comes at 21.11 MB. In this way, you can increase the storage of each app, ie the apps you use the most.

This is a topic for friends today so you can easily increase your storage.

In the same way I put it like an article and also made a video on youtube If you still don’t understand even after reading it till now I will give the video link below and if you click on it from there it will connect to our channel then you will see the video playing there from there and you will live Learn how to watch for free on mobile

Ok by friends let’s meet again in the next topic..

link with video :-

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