How To Get Free Products On Flipkart

Hello hi friends how are you friends if you see our article I am going to tell you how to book products easily and free through flipkart please read and understand this article completely How To Get Free Products On Flipkart

Friends, do you book products in Flipkart? Those products are those products which you have paged the amount or cash on delivery. part from that, you can easily book any product in Flipkart for free.

If you pay 99 rupees, it is enough to book some of the products listed there. At such a time, it is enough for you to put 99 rupees here with some similar offers for you. I am going to tell you in full that you should book free products through Flipkart.

Friend, you book products in Flipkart, when you do that, some coins are added without your knowledge. Many people do not know what these coins are. These coins expire. Any product can be easily booked through these coins.

It means that you have booked a mobile phone. Like you buy a mobile friend and you have coins equal to money because one coin is equal to one rupee so if you have a product 2000 means friend you have an if you see a price of 20000 you have money when you don’t have money By equivalent coins means if you have 20000 rupees with you then you can book AC for just 49 rupees for 99 rupees by putting those coins similarly any kind of production can be booked through this what is the minus point in this point i.e.

one coin a day is received That coin will remain from that day to the year and will expire after this year. Similarly, if you open Flipkart, look at the option below, you will see an option called Super Fine. How To Get Free Products On Flipkart

How To Get Free Products On Flipkart

Then click on the option Super Fine. You will book it and how many points you have got will be shown here if you click on it one rupee offer means friends can say this is a big offer by superman of this because if you have 30000 super find you can buy any product for just one rupee that means you have 30 thousand If there are nuts then it is equivalent to having 30 thousand rupees and through this option how many products have been placed for one rupee and how many products have been placed for 49 rupees How To Get Free Products On Flipkart.

What happened and friend is that with the coin you have easily i.e. easily without depositing any rupee your sister can easily buy amazon rai muni netflix prime mni disney plus hot star prime muni and you can buy any online movies application easy prime i.e. just one rupee You can buy Prime for any application without paying and you can easily book any product through these coins and you can book any of the offers and some times if you recharge through these coins you will get cash back through Paytm and friend you are these coins How To Get Free Products On Flipkart.

You don’t need to book a product that you want to earn. You can earn those coins by playing games. How is that? After you go to the option called Super Coins, an option will be shown here that says Earn Coins How To Get Free Products On Flipkart .

Lucky spin will cut 20 coins out of whatever coins you have and tell you the skin, in that scene you will get 50 coins or 1000 points at a time. Similarly, there is another option to earn those coins. That means you have a video playing and after half of the video is played you have to play the game they ask questions from within the game and you How To Get Free Products On Flipkart have to answer them directly and if you win then sometimes you get coins or sometimes you win products.

And with these coins we can buy some watchers i.e. food delivery watches etc. Watchers are coming in many ways and with these coins you can recharge your mobile data for free i.e. whatever network you have.

Recharge can be done by attaching coins to the network. Friends, what is the new option brought in 2022 through these coins, i.e. current bill and gas DTH recharge can be done easily through this means if you look at the option given here, you can recharge if you have coins and How To Get Free Products On Flipkart if you don’t have those coins, you can recharge by depositing money. After doing this, some of those coins will be added. Friends, through those coins, we can book a flight ticket for free. I am going to tell you how in the upcoming article.


Ok friend, have you seen that so easily you can also book products on Flipkart application on your mobile phone for free. Ok bye friends, see you in the next article.

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