How To Earn Money From Shop 101 App | How To Earn ₹200-₹2000 Rupees From Shop 101 App

How To Earn Money From Shop 101 App

Hello hello how are you friends article I am going to tell you about shop 101 and how to make money through it read fully understand

Friends you see a lot of application which means how much amount will come to it if you make a product i.e. how much amount will you get if you put a ₹ 1000 are used as some applications but today I can easily make money through the application and buy new new products is how it is I will tell you in detail below Read this article in full Share to your friends if you like and the amount of this application will also come through referral and I will give below this application link I am going to tell you what to do as soon as you open this application next steps

Download Now :-

Friends you do not need to search in the Play Store for a link to this application I will give the link directly All you have to do is click on the red color button below. And this application is very safe because this application is only available in the Play Store It has no next party link I am going to tell you below about the steps to be done after downloading this application

How To Use:-

Friend After opening this application, you have to give some permissions, then enter your mobile number, enter your OTP and give your name and some other details. The first is popular which means it is important if you want to book any products from here and it includes the most affordable products that are available to you and all kinds of products and whatever you click on the second option we are given some videos and introduction which means you can do anything The product is how to book it and how to put it in return, how to give a payment action, how to know if an order has been placed, how to know how much money has been made, there is an introduction to the third option and the third option category is Gold or Dress. Here are some of the products that are given and some of the offers are called Summer Offers, Summer deals and Big summerdays. The full detail is how much the products cost and when the products arrive and the payment option customer service is given some options for the products you have booked. Track Your Orders above shows you the track of the product you booked as soon as you click Friend If you look at the action, this option means that we have a shared twist, which means there are two options in it. The whole history of a product can be found here and then whenever we open an application like this some points will be credited. Those coins will be used by us in many different ways. There are some options called Your Order and Bank Details. If you have given the bank details there is a link where you can put the product money in your bank account if you return any product and then look for the option Refer and earn and you will get the link through this referendum. If you share this with your friends, they will download this application and log in. What will happen to you if you get some points and you will get 10 percent commission from the first 5 product bookings and some options called Offer and Winner as soon as you click on the action You will find some offers such as booking a game or any product etc. There are some options where you can make money through them and there is an option called Your Payment You will find here how much you have earned and all the details you have linked to the bank account are all visible here and another small note This means that until July 28th we will receive a ten percent commission from the user who downloads through the referral link and makes the first five orders.

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You can also download Shop 101 application on your Android mobile phone easily at home and understand the point and earn money through it. Let’s meet in the next article on Boy Friends Next article.

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