How To Download Facebook Reels | Download Facebook Stories in mobile phone

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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is how you can easily download your facebook stories on your mobile phone easily

Friends, the application Facebook which is the first social media in your mobile phone is very useful for us in many ways but in it we can see the live form of what ever happened and we can also see the faces of our relatives who are somewhere but this social media called Facebook which works like that. Even now you don’t know how to download stories in the media application, but at that time you may have downloaded many types of applications, but you may not have downloaded Facebook stories, but in this application that I am going to tell you today, you can easily download Facebook stories. I am going to tell you below and for this you need to download an application

How To Download:-

As soon as you click on the red color button above the friends, you will go to playstore and from there you will download it and this application is available in playstore so you can be sure that this application is very safe.

How To Use :-

Friends, if you open this application and log in your Facebook account there, you will open a Facebook like any other Same Facebook, but it has all the posts from the Home option and Stories and Reels. And stories and reels can be downloaded, how is it that you open the stories or reel and click on the save button there, then you will see it there, click on that button and it will be downloaded immediately. You can download the reels and stories on Facebook in OK boy friends see you in the next article and click on the video link with kind and watch the video if you want to and you will be able to understand it ok boy friends see you in the next article

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