How to control mobile with your voice | How to Use Voice Access App in Mobile In 2022

How to control mobile with your voice Hello friends, how are you friends, our article is that if you just talk, your mobile will be under your control, I am going to tell you the full details of what it is below, read it completely, if you don’t understand, the below video was given yesterday, click on that link and watch the video. See and understand

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How to control mobile with your voice Your friend’s mobile phone is controlled by your finger. How can you control your mobile phone with your voice? Your mobile phone is controlled by what you say. For this you have to download a small application. This application is available in the play store. You have to subscribe to the channel there, that is, without touching it with your finger, it is enough if you say app to subscribe with your mouth, it will be there. Confused by your sister’s voice At such a time, no matter where you are, your sister’s voice is enough to be heard on the mobile

How To Download:-

As soon as you click on the red color button under friends, you will go to the play store and from there the application will be downloaded. After downloading, open the application.

How to use:-
 Friends application as soon as it is downloaded click on open then voice assistant will ask for permission after clicking on it you will go to settings and ask to give that permission after giving it the application will open to you where it will ask you for some more permission give them and ask to download Click on the download symbol there, the English language will be downloaded, as soon as you get to the home screen, it will ask you to tap on there, what should be typed on your mobile phone, it is enough if you say it verbally, you will not have to track your mobile.

 Have you seen this friends, this is easy, you can also use this voice assistant on your mobile phone as I said and control it if you are mobile easily, ok boy friends, see you in the net article.

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