How To Add Stickers in Whatsapp | Whatsapp Stickers Create in 2022

 Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that you can add stickers on whatsapp and share to your friends let’s see how it is

How To Add Stickers in Whatsapp



Friends in this present time we see many types of photo and video and many types of WhatsApp users with many types of messaging and many uses but today the application that we know is enough but some people know this application some people don’t know what is it Stickerly is The application is available in Playstare, I will give you the link of the application below, but click on that link and then you open the application called After installing it, open it. After doing that, it will ask you to continue with Google and continue with Facebook. Then skip it. Skip and add the stickers if there is there then select the stickers you like there and then click on add whatsapp and then set it there then it will ask you to continue with whatsapp then click on it if you feel like you are in whatsapp and what is the secret that you don’t know is your in this striks The photos are also s You can then click on the search option and there you can set your favorite Hero Heroine Pics under the Stickers and you can save them to your gallery and there it will ask WhatsApp Add Click on it Next Open the WhatsApp and there you want to put the Stickers on. Open WhatsApp and then you can add Strix and send Strix

Download Link:-

Friends, you can easily add Strix on your mobile phone. I have told you how it is completely above. You can set it easily by looking at it and below is a video link. After clicking on that link, you can go to YouTube and watch the video there. If you like then subscribe like share ok boy friends see you in next article

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