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hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is about VPN application iam going to tell you completely Get a Free VPN.

What is a real vpn It is possible to establish a secure networked connection when using a virtual private network and public networds as well but VPN s can tell your internet speed and change your online identity which makes it a bit harder for people to track your activities online and steal your identity.

How VPN Works :-

Get a Free VPN

Vipin hides your IP address by allowing network access through a remote server specially configured by the VPN host.

Get a Free VPN :- 

This means that if your VPN is served online, the Vipin server is the source of your data, even if you download third-party applications or want to prevent your data from leaking. Changing the server is very easy.

But this vpin gives us access to applications and websites that don’t allow you to open them through India.

You often give your real IP address to websites without your knowledge. If we do, many of us are playing games, but we can set the IP address as if it is in a different country or in a different country.

If they want to trace you, then you can easily change your IP address and hide from them, which means you can easily play any kind of games and increase your internet speed. How is that??
Friends, if you connect our India server, your internet will be very slow, if you connect to another country or another state, you will see the upload speed and internet download speed will be very easy, but you should not use this VPN too much, why is that next article. I will tell you in

How To Download VPN :-


Friends Below Link Click to connect playstore and after show the install button click to installing and open to most use full permisiions allow and after steps below.

Types Of VPN:-

Nord vpn

express vpn

turbo vpn

unlimited vpn

Remote Axis :-

This type is used to connect a call area to a networked network in a networked configuration with a host Get a Free VPN.

Site to Site :-

A site-to-site configuration connects two networks. This configuration expands a very small office network or aggregates to a data centre to Get a Free VPN installation to run disparate intermediate networks, such as two networks connected by an interconnecting link network.
Extranet based site to site Get a Free VPN

Through this we can get extra net and connect to such server as much speed as we need.

Conclusion :-

Friends, you can easily support games and change your servers by changing and setting your servers easily, as I have shown you, but sometimes you will lose your data, so do not use VPN unnecessarily, and if you do so, many problems will arise from your server IP address. There is a risk so connect only if you need to ok by friends

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