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Hello hi friends how are you friends? They are going to tell us that our article is about an application called black hole very complete free music listening app . This application is very easy for us to listen to music and download music without any ads and very easy to download and we can listen free music listening app

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Black hole application in this application and of day we have audio songs which is very useful and nowadays any audio song is not accepted until we download it on our mobile phone and listen to it. The only application is the black hole application, but it is not available. Google Chrome can be downloaded at the daily price. Similarly, we are looking at the number of applications.

After taking in the subscription, the automatically renewed height is also cut in our account and we are like a subscription but we have a google account but this too we can use the application because of the block without logging in. Another amazing thing is that if we like any audio song, we can download it elsewhere on Google. We keep opening different types of websites but this black hole is a black hole when we are listening to our songs from time to time in the application free music listening app .

free music listening app

Not only that, this black hole application is supported by the tops, mobile phones, IUS, but also on such mobile phones, you can easily download the apartment below, just click on it and install the black cool application on your phone. One more thing is to note that in this application there is story permission and these are no permission but location permission but don’t turn it on free music listening app .

Do not turn on anything else than the permission you need. These Black Call applications are updated from time to time. This works to install the software in our mobile phone which means that now we have the latest version base and we don’t have any block or problems.

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Finally, what we need to do is to download the application and under the procedure it says download, a red button will appear, click on that button and the black hole application will be installed on your mobile phone. After downloading, open it and it will install. You can see the screen shot after opening the black hole application, it will appear related to training songs and language, we may need it or we can set it through the search option and all the songs are available in All Over India that we like.


Especially, some songs are released on spotify but not on youtube if they are on youtube they stay on spotify. In this situation, we can select the tabs from which app it appears and select that particular song. By selecting like this we want a song on youtube i.e. some folk songs but any such songs can be listened and steamed very easily free music listening app .

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