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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that even if we don’t have balance in our mobile we can talk on the phone easily we will see how

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As soon as you click on the download button on the top of friends, you have 15 seconds to reload, from there you will go to Telegram and you will see a link through which you can download the application and this application is very easy because we have play store, but if there is no third party, it is very secure. can also be

Friends, we usually want to talk on mobile phone or even if there is no balance in the mobile phone, how do we ask others for the phone, or even if the signal in this mobile phone is not good, when we talk on the phone, there is an interruption, but all this is an application without any interruption, even if your mobile phones are not balanced. Well, even if you don’t have a signal, you can talk easily. We know that the army has a walkie talk, but the police have a walkie talk It’s like they are talking from direct satellite through David. I mean they don’t have any balance. We know that our mobile phone has a lot of signal traffic, but through this application, you can talk like them, even if you don’t have such balance, you can talk for a long time and it’s very fast. You can also talk on conference calls. This application should be on everyone’s mobile phones. I am going to tell you the full details of this application below.

How To Use :-

If you open the friends application, after doing so you will see many options and it will ask for permissions first, give them after giving them, you can contact your friends immediately after you give them the talk friends chat profile of that application. If you want to talk to your friends through the application, download the same application on their mobile phone and then click on the invite friend, a request will appear, click on the request on their mobile phone and set it, you can easily talk for as long as you want. It says friends or add invite friends through which you can invite any number of people and below it is called friends, how many people you have talked to, all the details are shown there, you don’t have to chat through walkie talkie but you can chat easily through the application without any cost of one rupee. Even if your SIM is recharged in your mobile phone through this application without you having recharged it, you can talk on the phone through an application very easily.

Conclusion :-

Through this friends e application you can also download your mobile phone and through this app called walkie talk you can talk easily.

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