Flash Light App To Secret Photos Lock

 Hello Hi friends how are you? This is our finances to give to friends. You can hide these secret photos and videos in the Torchlight app on your mobile that you use daily. I’m going to tell you how.


 Friends usually have some secret photos and videos of us on our mobiles that we may not be afraid of being seen by someone else without our knowledge. I’ll explain to you when it can be put on. The application is very fast because it is the only way for us to be fearless when someone looks at our photos. This is because the interface of the app appears under a torch light but they know if they do even after opening the app Only you, as the parent can know for sure .And I will give you the following link to download this application .As soon as you open this link you will be connected to the Play Store.

How To Downlaod :- 

Friends will see a red colored button below you. As soon as you click on that button it will connect to the Play Store and ask you to install it from there. As soon as you click there it will be installed. Below I am going to tell you what to do after installing

Before you can install the app on your mobile, you need to download and install the app .Then you open the app and you can turn your torch light on and off in the app as well. Long press on it. Immediately you will get an option called Set For Digit PIN where you can set any secret code related to you and then this app will open for you in which you will have the option to hide any videos, photos, audios documents.


 If you want to hide photos Open the Images option that appears there and open what you think is a new album in it without anyone noticing. As if someone took your mobile from and opened the gallery Those photos will not appear on your mobile in a gallery. If you open this Torchlight app you can see only what you have set in it. When you click on the unhide option you will be taken to your mobile gallery from your photo app so that you can keep your secret photos and videos related to you without anyone knowing.

Did you see friends. You can also easily hide your sister’s photos, secret videos and documents on your mobile phone through an app called Torchlight. See you next

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