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Friends, you don’t need to search for the link of this application, so that you don’t have any trouble, the link of this application is given below, as soon as you click on the red color button below, you will be connected to Playstare and from there you will be able to download it, and after downloading, I am going to tell you the steps to be followed below.

 Easy Share App Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is Old Phone To New Phone Transfer you can easily share files from your old mobile to new mobile there is an application for this in that application you can easily share any type of files from your mobile to another mobile easily how to do it I am going to tell you that completely

  •  Easy Share App Friends you have bought your current mobile then you have to transfer your files to your new mobile and when you do that you need an application or some other applications you download any application and you share files one by one but you are sharing each file. You only have to share it. Apart from that, in this application, you can transfer many types of files, i.e. all the files in your mobile, like photos, videos, documents, downloads, and WhatsApp messages. I am going to tell below how files can be shared easily and read this article completely to understand and if you don’t understand this article then you are given a video link below, after clicking on that link you will be connected to YouTube and from there the video I made is Ploying happens

How To Use :

  • Friends, after you open this application, you will see some permissions above, give those permissions, then you will see two options, Receive and Send, in which you have to send, so click on the send option. On the mobile you want to receive, click on the option that says receive and as soon as you click on send, you will be asked to add location and bluetooth and permission in the settings of your mobile. If you think you need to do it then tick the files and then share it all will be sent to you very fast and there are no third party links this application is available on Playstore.

  • Have you seen this friends? Today we are presenting you with the latest update every day. If you do it, you can easily share files within 5 minutes. You can share any files from another mobile to your mobile very fast. The full details of it are mentioned above and you can Click on the above video link and you will see it.

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