Double up the Charging Speed Tricks in 2021

 Double up the Charging Speed Tricks

You have a slow charging problem for android also smartphone and are fed up with its slow charging,then here is the trick. We all know that we can speed up the charging speed by simply switching off the phone.

But if you do now want to switch OFF the phone and still want to Double the charging speed then simple pull down the notifications bar and put the phone in airplane mode.

Double up the Charging Speed Tricks

This one simple trick will help to almost double up the charging speed even if you don’t have a fast charger of even if you phone does not support fast charging.

and the mobile also flight mode option ON to charging speed increase.

Double up the Charging Speed Tricks

mobile phone swtchOFF  to battery backup increase to charge for speed.

Double up the Charging Speed Tricks

and mobile heating also sun rises to not speed in charging also heat to battery backup damaged not heated for this mobile.

and mobile have to fan or ac rooms to charging speed increase. also mobile data off to charging speed and not use to charging in ths mobiles example calls speak to charging inthis mobiles and heating areas to charge not safe.

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