Create Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos

Hello hi friends how are you friends who are our article that we can generate our photo into AI photo through our mobile phone I am going to tell you how to do it HAPPY HOLI TO ALL Create Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos

Friends, we are enjoying the upcoming festival of Holi in many ways and we are sharing our photos to many people, editing and sharing our photos as if we are saying wishes, some people do not even know how to edit and upload photos on Google Create Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos.

Apart from that, we can edit our photo through AI photo, we can edit it so that our photo is in AI next to the girl with AI photo, and we can also edit the photos of people we like in it, how to set it is below you. going to say Usually you use many applications to edit your photos but you are not able to edit your photos properly and your face is not properly set as AI photos. Through the trick that I am going to tell you, you can easily edit your photos as shown below.

Friends, if you also want to edit in the same way, below are some prompts, through which you can edit, I am going to tell you how to do it Create Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos.

2nd PROMPT :-

Realistic Indian 21 year old cute boy 19 years old beautiful girl wearing pink t-shirt and boy standing applying dark red gulal with his hand on the girl’s cheek and people playing holi with each other on the road, boy wearing yellow t-shirt whose name is “SRIVALLI” as girl name is “PUSHPA RAJ” write on it, very happy photo, fully size profile photo, beautiful realistic photo, hyper realistic photo, very beautiful real photo, surreal photo,

3rd PROMPT :-

A 18 year old boy and 16 year cute girl chest to chest and kiss & hug with boy playing holi and celebrating Indian festival holi with background of blue sky in India Street and wearing TSHIRT with name SURYA on by way childrens are playing around some children also playing holi and some uncles drinking tea at a shop also a text written happy holi at top 3D art painting realistic photo with high resolution

4th PROMPT :-

Create a 3d realistic image of 21 years old Indian men, wearing a white coat pant, with text name “ROCKEY” on coat black, and Krishna god wearing a god clothes standing next to each other, in holi festival, they both are writing on a white wall with a paint brush, big font “Happy Holi” text on white wall create realistic 4k ultra

5th PROMPT :-

Realistic indian 21 year old cute boy Holi special on couple with 17 year beautiful girl in pink lehenga the road with an and name ANJALI a holi colour wearing a yellow t-shirt with name “VIKRAM” write on hoddy After rain and no boys, beautiful lonely picture, pretty girl standing in the rain, so happy Holi picture, profile pic, rainy weather, beautiful realistic photo, ultra realistic picture, rainy day, very beautiful photo, hype realistic photo, it is raining real image

6th PROMPT :-

A loving couple is Holi with water gun and the name of the boy is written on his T-shirt and the name of ARJUN is written on the T-shirt of the girl and khushi is written on it. 3d art painting realistic photo with high resolution”.

How To Generate Ai Photo From Prompts

If you like any of the prompts given to you by friends, copy it and go to Microsoft Edge and type Bing AI in the search option, you will see a website called Bing Chat. Click on it and a page will open. A bing chat is Ask Every Thing Click on it and paste the prompt you like there you will see some beautiful images generated by AI from there download any photo you like and in the prompt given to you If the color of the shirt is not slanted, we can change it like a shirt or a hoodie or a shirt and if we are in it, we can also change the position there. That is how in the prompt that I have given you, it will be boy standing or girl standing. Color is background and Holi so you can also set where the color should be in the pace. After setting it as you like, the downloaded photo will come to your gallery.

How To Add Your Face On Ai Image

If you want to add a face with ai photo , you can add it easily. For this, you need a good website.

Website Link :-

AI Face Swap :- CLICK HERE

Friends, if we look at the name of the website, AI Face Swap, this website will provide us with the correct fit of our face in the AI photo. Friends, first open the website, it will ask you to upload photo, there you have to upload the AI photo that you have downloaded that you like, and you will have two girls and a boy, so you have to set the face of the person you like in both of them. If you want, you will see dual face or single face in it you have to select dual or you want to change only girl or boy face then select single face and add your photo dual means two photos single means select one photo there you have Your faces will change into their faces, that means only your face will change and the rest will be normal.

Create Happy Holi 3D Ai Photos

Friends, in the same way, six prompts have been given to you above, select the prompts you like and try as I have shown you, instead of normal photos, you will have 3D photos, but the photos will be ready very amazingly.

Conlusion :-

Friends, if you are editing your photos in the same way, then set your photos or dual face in this same way, share this article with your friends, they will also set their photos and these simple tips. You can convert your photos into i by using 5 prompts that i have given you without any editing and you can customize this prompt also if you like it then share our article and advance happy holi to all

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