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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is that we can very easily call from our mobile phone to someone else’s mobile very easily how can we do it in today’s article I am going to tell you in today’s article how can we do it easily for the phone without spending a single rupee without such recharge I am going to tell you fully below

Friends, usually if you talk on the phone for a long time every day or when you are talking on the phone, you will run out of recharge very easily, you don’t know that but if you want to recharge now and then, you don’t have this amount, at the same time you need to call someone urgently, but you don’t have money in your mobile phone. There is no recharge but other than that I am going to tell you very easily through this application you can call any number from your mobile phone but your number will not go through and your percentage will not go through it is very easy for them but only one company number will go through.

Download Now :-

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Friends, as soon as you click on the download button above, it is very easy for you to reload to another page and from there it takes 15 seconds for you to reload, you will see an application link on which you can download the application very easily and the application is very secure for us. After doing this, I am going to explain the steps to you completely below.

And if you use this application, you can use it to frank your friends or when you need to call when you don’t have recharge, you can use this application when you need to call when you don’t have recharge. It will take months but once it is done you have to spend a lot i.e. 700 for a single recharge you have to spend the same amount you may not have but if you don’t recharge the phones will not go to anyone. At the same time, if you want someone to call you urgently or if you want to call when there is a problem, this application is very useful for you. Even if there is no recharge, you can call us through the company number. This application is available for free. I am going to tell you full details below read this article completely you will understand and you need not search anywhere about the application but if you still have the application then I have given the article by myself through which you can download the application

How To Use :-

Once the friends application is installed on your mobile phone, open it and it will ask you for some permissions. By giving those permissions, there is no problem for your mobile, if you give permission, you will not be asked for any login after giving your mobile number.

The application is very secure on your mobile as you don’t have to give any details because you don’t have to give any mobile number just login with your gmail. Once the application is opened you will see a dial pad there. Through it, you can call any number you set. After you make one call, it will be as if it is going from a company number to the other person. The call will be from a different country or if you are from a different country, it will be like they are calling. It is very easy for you to make any number of calls to anyone in a day for free. Similarly, through this application, you can make calls without any investment without any investment. You can make calls without giving such details. Calls can be talked without

Conclusion :-

Have you seen friends? Also, you can easily download this application through your mobile phone as I said and use this application when your mobile phone is not recharged and you are unable to recharge. You can do it to your friends or to France, that is, when you call someone through the application, if your number goes, no number will go through, even if it is a number in India, it will not go through, but if it is a country number in another country, you can tank if it is them and someone should call urgently. Or if there is any problem I say this application is very useful and if please link this and share the market Share this application link to your friends they will also know they will also talk through this application when recharged like this without recharge and Follow our website for more interesting trips and tips like this

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