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Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is we are going to tell about amazing tips in true caller application which we use very easily through our mobile.

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If you click on the download button above friends, the page will reload and from there it will take 15 seconds to load and you will be connected to Playstare. Moreover, this application is available on Playstare, so it is very easy and secure.

Friends usually we have to save the number to see who has called so far but without any saving the phone will show us the name and photo of the person who called the number as soon as we receive it. Through this True Caller Up we can view the call history or our mobile call data in many ways. You can see easily and you can change it easily and you can know it and download it through this application link given.

After opening friends application you will get premium version you can set it as default to connect to your mobile and you can set the permissions easily and easily set your mobile or anyone’s contacts data and through this who called when and what so easily You can also make messages free by blocking spam calls and you can easily set what calls you want to receive or not.

This is how easy it is for your friends, try it as I have shown you through your mobile and set check the call data and call history of your friends through this application and send messages to your friends. Share this article with your friends and they will use this premium version of True Caller.

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