Best 2022 Youtube Hidden Secret Tips & Tricks

 Hello hi friends how are you friends our article is going to tell you about some secret you don’t know on youtube which is also known as the Eden feature


Friends you may be using videos or song or youtube channel on youtube but there are some hints you may not be aware of which is that the first thing you do is click the zoom small button on the side to make it full screen when you play any youtube song or youtube otherwise If you are watching a video, scroll it up a little, which means it’s fullscreen, and if you scroll down the full film, it’s a dhoom up immediately, and if you want to forward or backward any video, Singer Fellow Times Lift Goes Two Times Clicks Back If you long press that video you can forward forward and backward forward and if you like the short clip of the video you are watching or the movie you are watching click on Create Click on it, type a name there and click on the share clip below. We can share it on WhatsApp or Facebook or any other social media of your choice. You can share with anyone but if you want to share in a particular time then you should share through your whatsapp in particular time If you click on the link on youtube you can click on whatsapp and put that incoming link at what time you want to set and touch and send Then they will share at that time

Friends, have you seen it also your whatsapp has been check it and share with whatsapp has best trick and time to time sending option ok bye friends meet on next artical 

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