Anti Theft Alarm | Safe for Android Mobile Phone


Hello Hi friends how are you friends today our article is going to tell you about how to keep your mobile phone safe.


Friends, even if you have locked your mobile phone in your house, if they find out that the lock is locked, they will make you cry to make your mobile phone safer when they make the size of the apps on your mobile smaller or do something new or if someone steals your mobile phone or something like that. If you feel you need to keep downloading and following what I say, just follow my instructions, in this application, if someone touches your mobile, your mobile will play the ringtone you like, and the siren type alarms will work until you stop the alarm. Is increasing without decreasing and I will give the link of this application below.


As soon as you click on the red color button given under Friends it will connect you to the Play Store and from there you will see a part called Install and as soon as you click on it the application will be installed so I will tell you below the technique to do after application and this application is very safe because There is no third party off and it’s available to us on the Play Store


If friends have taken the name of this application then do not touch the anti theft alarm my phone Create PIN which means after entering the application you have to enter a four digit code and then re-enter in there as soon as you are told to type in any pin you have given before the anti theft theft alarm Another name that opens is Intruder Alert and Motion Detection Alarm, which means you can set the alarm to sound as soon as you touch your phone. The mobile will sound the alarm as soon as they touch it.

How easy is it for you friends to see if you can also turn on this anti-theft alarm on your sister’s mobile phone?

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