“Aadhar Card Fraud Alert : (your safety guide)”

Hello hi friends how are you friends today our article is below we are going to tell you how the biggest fraud happens through our aadhaar Aadhar Card Fraud Alert.

Friends, you click on the application link above and open it and there are some permissions, how to do it, after doing that, it will ask you for your mobile number in the application, type the mobile number and enter it through OTP, after that, the steps you have to do are below a video.

The link has been given through which you can see and through this application we can lock the biometric of Aadhaar card by locking your biometric but no one has scanned through your Aadhaar card we can easily type the serial number of any document online.

The entire document will be opened and after opening, you will enter your Aadhaar card number and fingerprint on the back side, but through the application called AEPS, we are stealing money. If necessary, you can unlock its biometric, if you are locked for 9 minutes, then you can put your finger where you want to put it for 9 minutes, after 9 minutes it will be locked. This application is available from Play Store through which you can download it easily Aadhar Card Fraud Alert

Friends we used to have aadhar card every day or daily life, our identity is aadhar but through such aadhar our money is also debited, this is the biggest fraud, what is it, if we use our biometric anywhere, our money is lost??? Aadhar Card Fraud Alert

Actually, without any OTP through our Aadhaar card, where does the money go? Friends, we are in Aadhaar centers and in Aadhaar card centers and somewhere in the rooms or to take a mobile, Aadhaar card is very important, in this Aadhaar card, money is being stolen from our bank account without our knowledge. But how do you steal like this, but who does not share the OTP or any password, but how does the money go, but if you use biometrics anywhere, the money is deducted from your account. Aadhar Card Fraud Alert

Biometric will lose money???

Aadhar Card Fraud Alert!!

Friends, cyber crime has increased a lot, but if we put our finger on it, the money is going away, how is it that if we put our thumb anywhere on the cyber, that is, anywhere other than in the register office, if we put our thumb in the government wallets, it will be debited from that account. Even if we don’t have Aadhaar card through AEPS, if we can get money through fingerprint, how can we do that without telling our mobile OTP and we don’t need to tell any password, but the money is easily debited from our mobile. Aadhar Card Fraud Alert

AEPS (Aadhar Enable Payment System)

friend’s are debiting money on our mobile or someone’s cyber through our fingerprint 10000 once from my account and after one day 10000 was debited. I asked our bank manager about it and we filed many complaints but there was no solution and I was cheated in union bank. Yes no but money is lost because we remove original aadhaar biometric lock but you can easily set biometric lock.

On his way I was defrauded of money through Union Bank by scanning the Aadhaar payment system only with Aadhaar number and free finger biometric. easily cash debited on more members friends this trick to lock your biometric and safe your money also most of the people share with this article and most use full tricks and secure your bank balance.

also more members money debited and more complaints to not recovery in my money also 20000 debited but also complaint raise to not working please secure your account also upto money debited to within seconds to rise complaint and aadhar biometric lock also every one can also my data was leaked in documents also registeration documents to search on googleto any one document open also document back side aadhar number and finger print details are more

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