3 Best Editing Apps in 2021

4 Best Editing Apps


Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps on both Android smartphones& iPhone because it is easy to use and also offers lots of powerful editing tools.Google bought this few years ago and updated with lots of stuff to make it lightweight,easy & finest photo editing by making it suitable for both complete beginners and experienced users.

                                           itoffersvarioustoolsandfiltersincludingHeadling,Brush,Structure,HDR,Perspective,Glamour Glow, exposure,color,sharpness etc. it also supports RAW photos for pro editing. The one-touch enhancement tools, slider options make the editing simple.The app features the option to save the personal edit settings which can be auto-applied when needed.Overall it’s one the rare and best app with almost all pro features and is completely free for use.


Hope many of you are using instagram for sharing images and more Even you may be surprised to see this app on this list. Apart from being one of the most used social meadia platform,it also offers the features to edit the images instantly.Though Instagram doesn’t offer pro editing features,its good at basic image editing needs. it offers lots of filters for changing the look and feel of the image.it also provides the options to crop,Overall it’s basic and simplest fun creative tool for editing the images and share them instantly.


Once again the Adobe’s another applicaitons,the Adobe Lightroom is a best in class photo editing applications in al forms-that is supports Both Android and iOS and comes with all the key features as like in PC version.

This powerfull and intuitive photo editor also it do capture the images and thus empowers you can captures edit stunning images& share pictures in a single app. Though it  lacks some pro-Photoshop Express features, with lots of filters and frame along with Lightroom pre-sets you can edit the image simplyto the finest.

4.Pixlr-Free Photo Editor

Pixlr-Free Photo Editor App offers all the tools a good image editing app should have. its one-touch editing features is one of the best that we had seen for easy photo enhancement. 

With this app installed you can Capture any moment and edit easily with over a ton of combinations of FREE effects  overlays and filters along with other tools and share them seamlessly. By making use of tools like blemishes,red-eye smoothen skin,or whiten teeth you can beautify the image effortlessly.Overall its better options featuring all the cosmetic tools to make the captured moment beautiful and is available for both android&iOS. 

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